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The following information is available from the Board: (Information available from the Board of Contract Appeals is limited to matters between the State of Maryland and vendors and/or contractors doing business or wishing to do business with the State).

Case number and Appellant: Each appeal filed with the Board is assigned a case number. A list is maintained showing the case number and the name of the party taking the appeal (Appellant). Case decisions may be accessed by case number or name of the Appellant.

Head notes Index: Most, but not all, decisions of the Board are published. For each published decision of the Board, a head note is prepared which articulates the legal issue raised in that case. Head notes are organized and indexed chronologically and by case number in the MICPEL publication. The decisions provided include the published headnotes as the first page of the document.

Subject (or topic) Index: This index identifies published cases by the specific legal issues in question. This is a key word index which refers to bound volumes and specific paragraphs. In bound volumes, (Volumes now number 1-6), case numbers are shown and cases are also identified and referred to by paragraph numbers. It is suggested that persons interested in finding cases relating to specific legal issues or topics first review the subject (or topic) index to identify applicable references by bound volume number and paragraph number. This index is not provided online.

Alphabetical index and Case History: The case history index depicts a brief history of each case so that one may determine when a decision is referred to in subsequent decisions. This index is organized alphabetically by name of Appellant and is available in the MICPEL bound volumes.

COMAR Regulations: The Board’s procedures are governed by the provisions of Code of Maryland Regulations Title 21. The appeal process which governs Board procedures is contained in Subtitle 10, of Title 21. A copy of this Subtitle will be made available upon request, and it can also be found online at

To get information from the Board:

Interested persons may secure copies of written opinions from the Board Offices at 6 St Paul Street, Suite 601, Baltimore, Maryland 21202-1608. Please call 410-767-8228 to schedule an appointment.

Copies of Board opinions published by MICPEL may be found in the Court of Appeals Library in Annapolis, Maryland. The Board of Contract Appeals also maintains a library which includes MICPEL bound volumes of its decisions.

See the Table of Cases for those decisions available online.