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Information available from the Maryland State Board of Contract Appeals (MSBCA or Board) is limited to matters between the State of Maryland and vendors and/or contractors doing business or wishing to do business with the State. All parties that are registered business entities (corporations and LLCs) appearing before the Board are required to be represented by counsel.

Appeal Number and Appellant: Each appeal filed with the MSBCA is assigned a discreet Appeal Number. The MSBCA maintains a list identifying the Appeal Number and the corresponding name of the party filing the appeal (Appellant). The Board’s written decisions for each appeal may be accessed via the Appeal Number, the name of the Appellant, or by the Date of the Decision (see below).

Board Procedures: The Board’s procedures are set forth in the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR), Title 21, Subtitle 10, Chapters .05, .06, and .07, as updated from time to time. COMAR, including these chapters, is searchable and can be found online at

Filing Guidelines: The Board has issued Filing Guidelines to assist parties appearing before the Board. These guidelines may be updated periodically and can be accessed by clicking on the “MSBCA Filing Guidelines” option located on the left side of the Home Page or by clicking here.

Board Decisions: The Board’s decisions are online and searchable. To search ALL decisions by key word(s), use the search box at the top of the Home Page. To find decisions by year, simply click the “Select a Decision” dropdown box on the left side of the Home Page and select the year of the Board decision being sought. For each year, Board decisions may be sorted by clicking on the applicable heading: Party Name, Appeal No., or Date of Decision.