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Welcome to the Maryland State Board of Contract Appeals

The Maryland State Board of Contract Appeals adjudicates bid protests and contract disputes between State government and contractors or vendors doing business with the State.

*** The Board now allows electronic filing to this address: ***

Follow link to report fraud and/or abuse of State resources.

Our offices in the William Donald Schaefer Building

Members and Staff

Sonia S. Cho, Esq., Chairman
Senchal Dashiell Barrolle, Esq., Member
Bethamy B. Brinkley, Esq., Member
Michael L. Carnahan, Jr., Member
Lawrence F. Kreis, Jr., Esq., Member
Ruth Foy, Clerk
Michael A. Dosch, Jr., Deputy Clerk
Kathleen Cully, Law Clerk
Greta Curley, Law Clerk

Board Decisions:

The Board’s decisions are online and searchable. To search ALL decisions by key word(s), use the search box at the top of the Home Page. To find decisions by year, simply click the “Select a Decision” dropdown box on the left side of the Home Page and select the year of the Board decision being sought.